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Implicit Bias | Crisis De-Escalation | Duty to Intervene

In 2018, Silver State Consulting Group LLC, a leading provider of in-person & online training solutions for police officers and law enforcement agencies, created comprehensive Implicit Bias & De-Escalation training, to reduce the need to use force, recognize the sanctity of life, protect officers from harm, reduce injuries to subjects, and build community trust.

With the national focus on bias, profiling and de-escalation training, Silver State Consulting is committed to providing police departments and law enforcement agencies across the country with the opportunity to better prepare their officers. By offering innovative and effective training to improve decision making, our courses assist officers in handling in high-pressure situations to serve our communities effectively.

As some are calling to defund police departments, we remain committed to providing law enforcement with quality and affordable training during a time when they need it the most.

Policing in Black & White:
Implicit Bias & Racial Profiling

Bias-based policing occurs when an officer makes decisions or takes action based upon his or her own personal or societal biases or stereotypes, rather than relying on facts and observed behaviors. This program discusses in-depth understanding of bias and how to combat it and racial profiling.

Crisis Response:
De-Escalation Skills for Law Enforcement

De-Escalation skills and techniques are the cornerstone to crisis resolution and typically begin long before they are ever needed. Understand the social, behavioral, legal, ethical, and tactical considerations that are intended to de-escalate a situation or prevent escalation into an undesirable confrontation. 

Duty to Intervene

Though policies exist that require intervention when witnessing inappropriate force by fellow officers, confusion, fear and established cultures are just some of the obstacles at the root cause of noncompliance. Those obstacles can destroy the lives of officers, departments and community. Failure to intervene may result in termination, criminal charges, and civil rights lawsuits.

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